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Nathan was born with a condition called “prune belly syndrome,” a birth defect characterized by underdeveloped stomach muscles and sometimes issues with the urinary tract and kidneys.  Unfortunately for Nathan, his condition includes a problem with his kidney's.

In October, 2010, Nathan received a kidney from thirty-eight year old Chris Doing.  Chris  had read about Nathan's need and offered to become a donor for Nathan.

In the months following, Nathan and Chris were checked for compatibility and a successful transplant from Chris to Nathan took place.  Unfortunately, a few months after the transplant Nathan's creatine levels spiked indicating that his kidney was not functioning properly.  An ultrasound revealed that there was no blood flowing to Nathan's new kidney. The organ had twisted, choking off the blood supply.

Emergency surgery was performed to try to restore the blood supply, unfortunately blood supply was not restored and the following day Nathan's new kidney had to be removed.

Now Nathan is waiting for a new kidney.

You can read more about Nathan's fight, Here, and Here

Nathan can accept a kidney from a donor who has Type B or Type O blood, is between eighteen and fifty-five years of age and has no history of high blood pressure or heart disease. If you would like to become a kidney donor for Nathan, to start the process you will first need information about your blood-type, this can easily be determined by your doctor.  Once you have that information it can then be sent to Children's Memorial Hospital, in Chicago via fax.  Children's Memorial Fax number is: (312) 227-9405.  Please be sure to include a cover-page that includes your name, contact information, and Nathan's name... "Nathan Saavedra" on your cover page.

You can also contact Nathan's Mother through Nathan's Facebook Page: “Nathan Saavedra's Fight,”, or by sending an email to:

You can make a donation to Nathan via PayPal by donating to
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A fund in Nathan's name has been established at Harris Bank (any branch) to help offset his medical expenses.

A check can be mailed to:

                                   Harris Bank
                                   94 N Kennedy Dr,
                                   Carpentersville, IL 60110.

Please be sure to write the check to "Nathan Saavedra".

For a Link to Harris Bank, Please Click Here
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For Harris Bank Contact Information, Please Click Here

Presently, Nathan's Mother says he is doing the best he can.  Let's try to distribute news of Nathan and his family's need and try to help in whatever way possible.


Please note that in keeping with the policy of no part of your donation will be used to support this website or in any way.  Thank you.