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From Mark Sheehy...

My high school buddy who still lives in Connecticut started getting itchy skin at the end of July. The first week of August his skin started to turn yellow. The second week of August he went to the doctor and they did blood work. Two days later he got the news... cancer.  He has a growth on his liver that is too big for removal. He is not a candidate for a transplant because both lobes of his liver and his arteries are cancerous.

Paul may not make it and he knows it.  He is a single dad (age 46) with a 5 year old adopted son. The only family left is a sister who is going to be the legal guardian.

Paul's family and friends are fundraising to offset the mounting medical costs and to establish a trust fund for Paul's son.

Please consider clicking on the PayPal link below and donating either $1 or possibly $5 dollars. Every dollar counts, no sum is too small. It is unimaginable to understand the stress Paul feels about leaving his son behind.  Help me ease that by putting an envelope in Paul's hand with his son's name written on the front.

  Please Click Here to Donate to Paul Gallo.

Please note that in keeping with the policy of no part of your donation will be used to support this website or in any way.  Thank you.