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From a Friend of the Family...

On Thursday, October 17, 2013, one of the kindest, gentlest, and most devoted father's and husband I have ever known passed away after a brief and sudden illness that took his life at just forty-six years of age; that man was Mike Raskiewicz.  Mike leaves behind him his daughter, Rebecca, 8, and his wife of twelve years, Melissa.  Mike also leaves many good friends and people who knew him well or knew him from his work.  He was a good man.

We all know that the day will come when we will pass-on from this life, but without some sort of lead-in, or sign that our health might be declining—and without the suddenness of an accident—few of us expect to be mowing the lawn one day and laying in intensive care the next, fighting for our life because of pneumonia; but so it was for Mike.

About three weeks before his passing, Mike was admitted to hospital suddenly and with hardly any warning; He was diagnosed with a very hostile type of pneumonia.  Over the following days Mike was placed into a medically induced coma, medically paralyzed and placed on ventilation equipment and treated aggressively for the pneumonia.  During his treatment, problems with blood-clots arose and were controlled, kidney problems also developed and were managed, but on October 17, 2013, Mike suffered a massive stroke, and passed away that evening.

For a link to Mike's obituary, please click here.  If you knew Mike, you can sign his Guest Book here.

Mike was a hardworking man, who worked early and long hours for his family, but even so, his ability to save for the future or prepare for his eventual passing was not easy, and because of that his family is in need of help.

A fund has been established for Mike's family using a PayPal account that has been set-up to allow a person to donate directly, quickly, and easily to Mike's daughter and Wife... Rebecca and Melissa.  You can connect to that account by clicking here.

If you prefer to contribute with a check, a Memorial Fund has been established as follows:

Michael E. Raskiewicz Memorial Fund
Citizens Bank
Attn: Bank by Mail ROP 370
P.O. Box 42006
Providence, R.I. 02940-2006

I respectfully request that you please consider a donation to Mike's family, however small your donation might be, it will help.

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and possibly, your donation.

Steve & Karen, on behalf of Rebecca and Melissa Raskiewicz



Please note that in keeping with the policy of no part of your donation will be used to support this website or in any way.  Thank you.